About Pegaw.ai


Since 2020, Pegaw.ai is specifically designed as a human resources management platform to simplify HR tasks.

Pegaw.ai is an original Indonesian product that is relevant for small, medium, and large companies. In addition, the features offered by Pegaw.ai are always adjusted to the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

We ensure that every user will have great experience, able to choose affordable package for their own number of employees, and also we ensure the data security for every user.

As a form of Phintraco Group’s product innovation, Pegaw.ai offers features and benefits that are not only for supporting HR teams performance, but entire organization.

By using Pegaw.ai, we hope that all companies can make technology as the core to improve employees performance.

We dedicate our expert teams to create a platform that helps companies – especially HR teams to work better, manage all company’s human resources effectively, and improve their functions to be more strategic so that they can make a positive contibution to the company’s success.

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